CRH2A jetzt im Just Trains Shop

Key Features :

  • Hochauflösendes Model
  • Authentischer Klang
  • Detailierte Passagiersicht
  • Detailierter "state-of-the-art" Führerstand
  • Cruise Control
  • Vollfunktionierendes ATP (Automatic Train Protection) System
  • In-cab flat-screen displays that show next signal aspect, distance to next signal, next speed limit and distance to it on suitably equipped routes, the control speed set and much more
  • Operational speed monitor
  • Realistic and definable train service number display on the exterior of the cars, set from the driver's cab
  • Can be driven in 8-car or 16-car configuration
  • Light lens flare effects
  • Rain effects on windscreen and carriage windows
  • Unique in train audio announcements